Next Generation TMS

pinDeliver - Next Generation TMS is a unique and scalable transport management system that reduces manual work and creates full control throughout the transport chain, from the central warehouse to the
goods recipient.

pinDeliver Awarded!

We are proud to announce that pinDeliver has been awarded as one of Europe’s top ten most outstanding companies within logistics and last-mile delivery, according to Logistics Transportation Review. The prediction of the future logistics industry is that half of the supply chain organizations are going to invest in applications that support advanced analytics and AI capabilities by 2024. Read full article or read the interview with our Vice President, Jon Perslow

Why Next Generation TMS?

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When picking is complete and it’s time for line-haul transportation of all goods to local transshipment centers, the hub app is used to scan the goods onto the various transportation vehicles that are scheduled in pinDeliver. This ensures full control over each individual parcel and minimizes the risk of discrepancies.

At the transshipment center, goods are scanned on arrival, allowing the transportation planners to easily see and manage each parcel on site when planning the last-mile-distribution routes. With the sorting function in the hub app, pinDeliver tells the warehouse staff where to place the goods and which distribution route they are headed for.

pinDeliver provide full support to optimize your cargo and ensure you run your transportation vehicles at the highest possible fill rate. You set up the different load carriers you manage, and our flexible package structure allows you to relate packages, merge, unpack and add packages with full traceability.

In the pinDeliver Office module, deliveries and pick-ups are route-optimized together, considering the location of the service stops, different delivery time windows and the capacity and availability of the vehicles. The result is optimized routes based on your conditions with calculated ETAs that can easily be communicated to customers and freight receivers.

Our driver app makes it easy for drivers to make everything right. With all relevant information in the app and features to document everything related to the delivery stop, it’s easy to change from manual, hand-written processes to a digital delivery system that provides transparency, traceability, and saves time previously spent on tracing and solving delivery questions.

Various events during the delivery process can trigger automatic messages to the recipients of the goods, keeping them informed exactly where their goods are on the delivery route and they can e.g. receive additional push notices when their goods is next in line to be delivered so they know when you will arrive, regardless of any unforeseen events.

Transport managers and customer service have full control over ongoing delivery routes and can detect deviations and delays early on. This overview allows them to be proactive instead of reactive, which increases the chance of a good delivery experience for the recipient and often results in a lot of time being saved

pinDeliver provide good possibilities to flexibly set up and manage your different services and price schemes. During the ongoing deliveries, outcomes are recorded and billing information is automatically generated and can easily be shared with transport buyers and subcontractors.

One platform - multiple interfaces​

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More reasons to get pindeliver

A complete logistics tool.
The new standard for transport planning.
The next generation TMS.

Customer communication

Make your customers happy with text messages that allow them to track their delivery in real time, report changes, and receive proof of delivery.

Seamless integration

Integrate your existing TMS, TA, or ordering system with our API. It couldn't be simpler!

Route optimization

Streamline your last mile deliveries with our route optimisation - you get complete visibility, real-time tracking and powerful follow-up at the same time.

Driver assistance

Simplify your drivers' work and offer them the easiest digital tools on the market.

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