Home Furnishing Nordic

Home Furnishing Nordic AB is one of Northern Europe’s largest e-commerce companies specializing in furniture and home furnishings. The group includes online stores such as Trademax, Chilli, Furniturebox, and WeGot. The company has over 400 employees, 22 showrooms, more than 250,000 products, a turnover of 1.5 billion (2019), and has processed over 2 million orders since 2012.

With the assistance of pinDeliver, we can take ownership of our logistics flow and provide our customers with a better delivery experience compared to traditional carriers.
Joakim Kvesic Möller
Operations Manager

Background and Challenge

Home Furnishing Nordic began selling furniture online in 2008. Quickly, the company realized that furniture was a relatively challenging product for home deliveries in traditional logistics flows.

“Furniture is still a relatively challenging product for home delivery in traditional logistics flows. Even though larger carriers have adapted their services for home delivery of larger goods, there is still a long way to go to meet customers’ increasing demands and preferences. We wanted to have more control over our operations and not be dependent on various carriers,” says Joakim Kvesic Möller, Operations Manager at Home Furnishing Nordic.

With this in mind, Home Furnishing Nordic chose to launch its own last mile solution in Stockholm, subsequently expanding it to Gothenburg and Skåne. The company is now planning further expansion to additional cities in Sweden and potentially in more countries.

To meet the demands of today’s consumers for home deliveries, the company enlisted pinDeliver as a delivery platform to enhance the delivery experience for its customers and gain increased control over its logistics flows related to home deliveries.

Solution with pinDeliver

To have more control over its logistics and home deliveries, Home Furnishing Nordic integrated its WMS (Warehouse Management System) with pinDeliver. pinDeliver handles route optimization, end-customer communication, and driver support for those delivering the shipments.

“The advantage of pinDeliver is that they have been agile and accommodating. They want, just like us, to drive and develop their service forward and improve the customer offering,” says Joakim Kvesic Möller. “This gives us significant opportunities to offer a great customer experience and more choice for our customers, where our own staff is responsible for the goods all the way to the customer’s door. Another advantage of pinDeliver is that it is an easy-to-use system with a lot of flexibility,” says Joakim.

By integrating pinDeliver into its operations, Home Furnishing Nordic can now provide end customers with better tracking and transparency compared to traditional carriers.

”Since we can directly see where our vehicles are located and can follow everything that happens during the delivery process, it is now also easier for our customer service to answer questions from our customers. We are currently working with pinDeliver to further develop the service, so that we can offer a service that continually becomes sharper and exceeds customer expectations for delivery,” says Joakim Kvesic Möller.

”pinDeliver has given us the opportunity to offer a really great delivery experience where we can manage the entire delivery chain ourselves,” concludes Joakim.

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