Use pinDeliver
as your transportation system platform and get competitive within Last mile

pinDeliver is a cloud-based delivery platform that streamlines and digitizes the entire delivery process, from transport booking to follow-up and all the important events that happen in between. Our platform is complete and at the same time flexible to meet our customers’ differences. Everyone can benefit from using pinDeliver.

One platform, multiple interfaces

pinDeliver provides different interfaces and modules for different stakeholders and users. We have a module for planning that uses machine learning and AI, a popular and intuitive driver support app, a first-class customer communication module, and of course a real-time overview for, e.g., transportation managers and customer support. Our team of developers has made sure that pinDeliver is easy to use
for everyone!

In the office

Transport managers and customer service work in our “OFFICE” interface. There are modules for planning, customer communication, and follow-up. With pinDeliver as your “co-worker,” you will always be in control, and the tool offers support for many different types of transport flows, for example, coordinated distribution, transshipment, and multiple pickups and deliveries.

At the terminal

For picking, consolidation of orders, and loading, pinDeliver offers support that streamlines the workflow, reduces the risk of errors, and replaces manual handling. In addition, the pinDeliver “TERMINAL” app provides you with full control of goods that arrive at and leave
the terminal.

On the road

Our team of developers has listened to the most experienced drivers and built a tool designed for them, the pinDeliver “GO” app. Everyone requires assistance at times, and you want to eliminate unnecessary administration so you can focus on doing your best work. With pinDeliver, the drivers will get a detailed schedule, traffic directions, embedded GPS support, signing on screen, deviation management, and recycling. Everything they register will instantly transfer to
pinDeliver “OFFICE.”

As a recipient

As a recipient, you are mostly interested in one thing: when will my goods arrive? The pinDeliver GET app for end-customers will not just confirm delivery but also provide an estimated delivery time and possibilities for customers to complete their delivery instructions, reschedule a planned delivery, and arrange for return pickups. There is also embedded support for anonymous end-customer surveys and ratings.

For product owners and transportation companies, the pinDeliver “GET” app can be branded with logotypes and specific color schemes.

Between different stakeholders

The delivery process generates a lot of information that other systems need to know about. It can be order systems, WMS, TMS, TA etc. With the ‘pinDeliver Service Center’ integration module it is easy to communicate with other parties. Read more about this under Integration. 


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