Smart deliveries are sustainable deliveries. With optimized routes, you can care for the planet and your wallet. A win-win, if you ask us.

% of our customers become more sustainable in their operations
% shorter driving distance with coordinated goods distribution
% more sustainable

Smart deliveries are sustainable deliveries

By streamlining your delivery processes with pinDeliver, we not only reduce environmental impact but also enhance profitability in your operations. Our AI technology continuously analyzes data to optimize routes, minimize emissions, and reduce unnecessary transportation.

With every well-planned delivery, we take a step closer to a greener future. Moreover, our platform enables users to track every step of the delivery chain in real-time, creating increased transparency and trust. With us, smart deliveries are synonymous with sustainable deliveries – a win for both your business and the planet.

We make it easy for you to become sustainable

Fewer failed deliveries

Failed deliveries are costly – both for the customer and the environment. Take control of your deliveries and decide on your failed deliveries.

Shorter driving distance

Our powerful AI engines calculate the most optimal sequence and plan the routes efficiently – both in time and distance.

Reduced fuel consumption

The math is simple. With predictable and more optimal routes, you reduce fuel consumption and your CO2 footprint.

No paperwork

Printed delivery lists and notes on empty containers on freight documents are not the future. Digital communication is.

Optimal fill rate

It is expensive to drive around with air. Rank your cargo with our Hub App and route-optimize with multiple capacity units to guarantee less air on the flatbeds.

Joint distribution

Different transport buyers have different requirements, and we have encountered most of them. Our support for joint distribution of both pickups and deliveries in the same runs is world-class.

More efficient resource management

Good data and efficient planning ensure more effective use of resources, whether they are your own or others.

Coordinated goods distribution

Consolidating digital orders from multiple suppliers and then keeping track of the goods is a challenge that you easily solve with pinDeliver.

Our Contribution to Sustainable Development

The effort supports ISO 26000: S4 and Agenda 2030: 8-1, 8-4
In line with ISO 26000: S4, we integrate social responsibility and sustainability principles into business decisions and daily operations. Through our TMS, we help clients reduce environmental impact with optimized routes and improved working conditions. According to Agenda 2030, specifically goal 8-1, pinDeliver supports efficient logistics for increased productivity. Goal 8-4 is also supported by reducing resource inefficiency in the transportation sector for a sustainable economy.
The effort supports ISO 26000: A5 and Agenda 2030: 9-5
In line with ISO 26000: A5, we integrate responsible business practices and ethical business principles to strengthen our corporate culture. As a knowledge-intensive industry, we value our employees' skills and commitment as our primary resource and actively invest in their development. At the same time, we support Agenda 2030, particularly goal 9-5, by continuously developing innovative technological solutions for increased sustainability and efficiency.
The effort supports ISO 26000: M2 and Agenda 2030: 12-2
In line with ISO 26000: M2, we integrate ethical methods for social responsibility. By using resources in a smart and responsible manner, with a focus on efficient logistics, we contribute to a positive impact on the economy, the environment, and societal development. Our goal is to spread our efficient logistics tools to as many as possible to maximize their positive effect and promote sustainable development according to Agenda 2030, particularly goal 12-2.
The effort supports ISO 26000: K7 and Agenda 2030: 12-8
In line with ISO 26000: K7, we integrate ethical methods to promote knowledge and education within our operations. Our platform has several features that facilitate our customers in becoming more sustainable in logistics and transportation operations, including coordinated goods distribution, route optimization for electric vehicles, and load optimization. By actively informing and educating our customers, we aim to maximize the benefits of these features and support Agenda 2030, particularly goal 12-8, which promotes sustainable consumption and production.
The effort supports ISO 26000: M3 and Agenda 2030: 13-3
In line with ISO 26000: M3, we integrate ethical methods to promote sustainability within our operations. Conscious of the significant contribution of transportation to greenhouse gas emissions, we strive to change this by optimizing and streamlining our customers' last-mile deliveries. Our platform is constantly evolving to make it easier for our customers to make decisions that reduce emissions, thereby supporting Agenda 2030, particularly goal 13-3, aimed at combating climate change and its impacts.
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