Last Mile platform

pinDeliver is a cloud-based last mile delivery platform that streamlines and digitizes the entire delivery process. From transport booking to follow-up and all important events that occur in between.



more efficient last mile deliveries with pinDeliver

The last mile no longer has to be the most expensive mile

Some of the benefits our customers choose us for

% more efficient customer service
% increased productivity in your logistics chain
minutes less administrative work per driver every day

4 steps for the perfect delivery

We help you digitize all steps.

4 steps

Everything you need for digitizing the Last Mile

Transport planning

Driver support

Customer experience

Hub App

Follow-up / Customer service



Last Mile is the final delivery stretch between a terminal/hub and an end receiver. Some argue that it is the most expensive segment in a delivery chain, and that might be true, but all the more reason to streamline and digitize it. By working with smart tools, there is much to gain, both economically and in terms of quality.

We have always strived for simplicity. No matter how complex your delivery flow is, it is easy to get started with pinDeliver. In its simplest form, you need a computer, a vehicle and something to deliver. You can upload delivery data via Excel or we integrate with our APIs into one of your existing systems.

We help you to set up an account and to get started easily and quickly.

Do your want to read more about how to get started? Check out our documentation.

We assist you in getting started immediately once we reach an agreement and sign the contract. On the same day, you can access the system and receive a walkthrough on how to initiate the system. If you wish to integrate via API, you will get access to our API documentation and a test environment where you can develop the integration at your own pace.

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