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Why pinDeliver's TMS?

Some of our customers

One TMS, multiple interfaces

One platform, multiple interfaces

track delivery

A world-class customer experience

With our GET-page, the customer can easily follow their delivery order in real time with predictable and reliable arrival time (ETA). Do you have your own app that you want to use? We have integrations to send the communication through it!

⦿Notification via SMS or email
⦿ Branding based on sender
⦿ Identification with BankID
⦿ Updated delivery instructions


Transparency in the delivery process

By digitizing the entire distribution process, pinDeliver can offer powerful tools to meet your customers’ demand for information. With real-time monitoring and a platform for communication flows, you can easily anticipate changes and proactively communicate with both customers and drivers.

⦿ Possibility of scanning at all levels
⦿ Open architecture for incoming and outgoing orders
⦿ The right interface for the right role in the chain
⦿ Hub App for ranking

Full kontroll

Full control over the deliveries

With pinDeliver, you will be able to take back the control over all your deliveries. From the office, you can quickly and easily get an overview of all drivers and where they are in real-time. In addition, customer service can quickly answer questions and concerns regarding deliveries.

⦿ Real-time follow-up
⦿ Full control over all packages
⦿ Built-in case management
⦿ Dynamic ETA

for the driver

Help on the way for the drivers

With pinDeliver’s driver app, your drivers get a new best friend that makes the whole working day easier. Once the route is planned and locked, the driver can be assigned a link to the delivery schedule. Here you will find all the information about the deliveries that the driver may need both before, during and after the deliveries. The app is available both as a web version and downloadable from Apple Store and Google Play.

⦿ Digital driving list
⦿ Proof of Delivery
⦿ Driving record
⦿ Register returns

When picking is complete and it is time for the line traffic to drive the goods out to transshipment centers, the Hub app is used to scan goods on the various line cars that are planned in pinDeliver. This gives you full control over which goods are on which car and the risk of deviations is minimised.

At the transshipment center the goods are scanned on arrival so that transport planners can clearly see what is physically on site when planning their distribution trips. With the sort function in the Hub app, pinDeliver tells the marshalling staff where the goods should be placed and which distribution route it should go on.

pinDeliver has full support for optimizing your goods and making sure that you drive with as high a fill rate as possible. You can set up the types of carriers you work with and our flexible package structure makes it possible to relate the package, combine, unpack and add to the package with full traceability.

In the pinDeliver Office module, routes are optimized for deliveries and pickups together, where the system takes into account the geography of the stop, different timings and the capacity and availability of the cars. The result is optimal routes based on your conditions with calculated ETAs that can be communicated to consignees.

With our driver app, it’s easy for drivers to do the right thing. With the information in the app and functions to document the stops, it becomes easy to go from manual processes with paper and pencil to a digital delivery process that provides transparency, traceability and saves time that was previously spent on post-work.

Various events in the delivery process can trigger automatic messages to goods recipients so that they are updated on where their goods are in the process. During ongoing tours, consignees can take part in updated delivery times so they know when you will arrive, regardless of whether something unforeseen occurs.

Transport managers and customer service have full control over ongoing runs and deviations and delays can be detected early. The overview you get makes it possible to be proactive towards customers instead of reactive, which increases the chances that the consignee will have a good delivery experience.

In pinDeliver there are flexible possibilities to set up your services and price them. During ongoing runs, outcomes are recorded that automatically generate invoicing documents that can be easily shared with transport buyers and contracted sub-drivers.

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