Martin & Servera

Martin & Servera is Sweden’s leading wholesaler for restaurants and large kitchens. With warehouses in Halmstad, Norrköping, Enköping, and Umeå, as well as several reloading centers around Sweden, they have flows that cover large parts of the country. With pinDeliver, they achieve traceability and control throughout the entire logistics chain.

We are very pleased to have this in place. Ever since we first tested pinDeliver for route optimization four years ago, we have been impressed with the platform, and we are happy to develop the collaboration into a full-scale solution for our entire transport process.
Magnus Schultz
Martin & Servera

Background and Challenge

Martin & Servera Group is Sweden’s leading wholesaler for restaurants and kitchens. Whether you run a restaurant, a bakery, a school cafeteria on a municipal level, or represent a nationwide chain, Martin & Servera has the products and solutions you need.

“Energy-efficient operations, reduced waste, smart route planning, the new possibilities of technology, and striving for as small a climate footprint as possible are part of the everyday for Martin & Servera Logistics. The goal is to achieve a completely climate-neutral operation by 2030”.

The strategic decision to digitize operations with pinDeliver was a step in the right direction.

Solution with pinDeliver

Martin & Servera is implementing pinDeliver as a transport management system throughout its entire operation. This allows them to digitize their delivery processes, creating conditions for improved customer communication and better oversight of operations.

For Martin & Servera, the implementation of pinDeliver brings benefits to both the company’s own staff and its customers. Through pinDeliver, Martin & Servera and their customers can digitally track their orders in real-time, while the company’s drivers, for example, can register returns during ongoing deliveries. Additionally, the digitization of delivery processes provides the company with better oversight, and statistics can be used to develop the business, automating much of the manual administration that currently takes place.

“By digitizing the delivery processes, we will be able to collect a lot of data that we can use to develop the business. With pinDeliver, we find out everything from the number of orders delivered to how many miles our trucks have driven, and then we can, for example, calculate how much carbon dioxide has been emitted during each delivery in a much more accurate way”.
– Martin Schultz, Strategy and Development Manager at Martin & Servera.

In the four warehouse locations and around 30 sorting locations, pinDeliver is used to plan both line trucks and distribution vehicles. Thousands of deliveries and pickups are planned every day with the system, and pinDeliver has a tight integration with the wholesaler’s business system and WMS.

Customer orders are imported directly into pinDeliver, and after picking, the orders are enriched with information such as weight, volume, ADR points, and other relevant order details. Martin & Servera also utilizes pinDeliver’s Hub app to optimize and maximize the fill rate of the trucks. The scanning function creates a digital copy of the physical reality, providing full traceability of the goods.

During distribution routes, drivers have complete control over the delivery schedule, customer numbers, time windows, delivery instructions, and other relevant information for a smooth and secure delivery.

In the fall of 2023, Martin & Servera launched their unique app where the customer can easily follow a delivery from the moment the truck leaves Martin & Servera’s warehouse until the goods are on the loading dock. The Martin & Servera app is based on information from pinDeliver.

“Thanks to the strategic collaboration throughout our logistics process with pinDeliver, we can now continuously update our customers on their deliveries and delivery times”
– Per-Erik Kanström, CEO at Martin & Servera Logistik.

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