Customer Cases

Our customers are the heart of our business. Gain insight into how we, together with our customers, create valuable results and successful collaborations. Here you will find customer stories about their experiences with pinDeliver and their collaboration with us.

Martin & Servera

Martin & Servera is Sweden’s leading wholesaler for restaurants and large kitchens. With warehouses in Halmstad, Norrköping, Enköping, and Umeå, as well as several transshipment centers throughout Sweden, they have flows that cover large parts of the country. Read about how they achieve traceability and control throughout the entire logistics chain with pinDeliver.

Urban Deli

Urban Deli has had an innovative idea since its inception, where their customers enjoy a combined food experience with a focus on a tastier, simpler, and happier food life. Learn more about how they use pinDeliver today.

Bra Möbler

Bra Möbler

Bra Möbler has specialized in outdoor furniture since its inception, with a focus on offering outdoor furniture of the highest quality. Learn more about how they use pinDeliver.


GDL operates both locally and nationwide under the motto – “Safe all the way.” The business consists of a strong concept offering transportation, machinery, and logistics services. Read about how they use pinDeliver today.


Årstiderna produces and delivers 100% organic food bags and ingredients to the doorstep. Today, the company has customers in both Sweden and Denmark, delivering its food bags to a total of 80,000 customers every week in both countries. Learn about how they use pinDeliver.

Home Furnishing Nordic

Home Furnishing Nordic AB is one of Northern Europe’s largest e-commerce companies in furniture and interior design. Read about how they use pinDeliver for their last-mile deliveries.

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