Urban Deli

In 2009, Urban Deli opened its doors to its innovative concept, combining a grocery store, restaurant, bar, and market hall, with the goal of providing customers with a maximum food experience. Today, Urban Deli has around 400 employees and is located in various places in Stockholm. Through its collaboration with pinDeliver, Urban Deli has expanded its market even further in a simple and efficient way, benefiting both the company and its customers.

I immediately thought of pinDeliver because I have a good relationship with them from before. On a whim, I contacted them and scheduled a meeting, where we came up with a solution on how to resolve it, as pinDeliver had experience with similar challenges. Then, we scheduled meetings, and everything went smoothly. pinDeliver could answer all questions, and we found a way we could work to achieve the goal and satisfy the end customer. Everything really went very smoothly.
Valentin Romanov
Business Developer, Axfood

Background and Challenge

Urban Deli has the vision to contribute to a tastier, simpler, and happier food life for all people. Thus, Urban Deli has combined different concepts to give its customers a maximum food experience around Stockholm. With a burning passion to deliver the best customer experience, Urban Deli has grown and initiated other concepts, such as hotels and food studios.

The next step was to introduce food trucks that would have multiple stops per week and make it easy for customers to buy their lunch. With the challenge of coordinating logistics and reaching end customers in the best way possible, pinDeliver quickly became an option to turn this vision into reality.

Solution with pinDeliver

Valentin has worked with pinDeliver in similar projects before and was therefore familiar with them as a reliable partner.

“Great customer relationship, everything worked really well,” says Valentin Romanov.

When he changed positions, he was tasked with helping Urban Deli develop “Urban Deli on the Go,” and many parts had to come together, according to Valentin Romanov.

“It means that lunch deliveries would practically take place at various destinations. Since we had about 100 stops per week, we saw a need for a map where customers could easily follow where we are and where we’re going. Then we thought that now when we sell this food, customers should not only be able to come and buy on the spot but also be able to pre-order on the website in advance. There, you should be able to see where the vehicle is and also be able to place an order. With this idea, we realized that we somehow need to notify customers, for example, ‘don’t forget that we’re coming to you today.” – Valentin Romanov.

With these needs, it didn’t take long before Valentin contacted pinDeliver, and the collaboration between Urban Deli and pinDeliver kicked off.

“Then out of nowhere, we scheduled meetings, and everything rolled smoothly. pinDeliver could answer all questions, and we found a way to work to reach the goal and the end customer. Everything went really smoothly.”

Today, Urban Deli regularly uses pinDeliver’s services to route plan the food trucks’ stops and to plan all pre-ordered orders daily. They are very pleased with pinDeliver’s service, which allows them to easily inform their customers about the food truck stops.

Moreover, Urban Deli also has e-commerce and home deliveries, especially with high demand around Christmas and New Year. Valentin argues that the services offered by pinDeliver have facilitated these flows as well.

“I’m currently working on getting them to start using pinDeliver too,” says Valentin Romanov.

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